Setting Up a Home Gym on a Budget

People decide to set up a home gym for different reasons. Some choose to do so because they are tired of paying for a gym membership they don’t get to use very often. Others don’t want to work out in the presence of those who are more physically fit than they are, and some don’t have a gym that is convenient to their location. Regardless of why this is done, a home gym is of great benefit. How should one be set up, however, when money is limited for this purpose?

First and foremost, a person should know their fitness goals. If improving strength is the top goal, a person will want to spend more money on weights and less on cardio equipment. In contrast, someone who wants to run in a marathon will likely spend the majority of their funds on a good treadmill. One thing to remember is everything does not have to be purchased at the same time. Buy one or two pieces when initially setting up the gym and add more as time passes and the budget allows.

What items are already available? A person who lives in a moderate climate all year long may not want to invest in a treadmill, as they can run outdoors, but someone who lives in the middle of a metropolitan area won’t have space easily accessible for this purpose. Are there items in the home that can be used for weights until a quality set can be purchased? Be creative here. There are workouts designed for new moms and their babies that don’t require any equipment. The mom simply works out using her baby as a weight, so look for routines such as this that help women get into shape.

Safety needs to be a priority at all times. When using free weights, make sure someone will be available for spotting. Examine used gym equipment before purchasing to ensure there are no hazards also. Don’t cut corners to save some money, as doing so could cost more in the long run.

Visit The Mad Mommy ( to learn more about setting up a home gym. The one thing to remember is any progress is good. Start with a few weights from a discount store or buy a step stool and use it as a stepper for a cardio workout. The ideas are endless, so don’t give up.