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Focus groups tell us slime campaigns

The 2016 Ryder Cup will be Sept. 30 Oct. 2, with practice rounds beginning Sept. Although the weight or lack thereof is great for portability, the drive feels a little flimsy as a result. There just isn’t a lot of mass. The fact that the top and bottom walls flex slightly when squeezed doesn’t impart a sense of solidity, either.

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But ‘nasty’ alone can’t win. Focus groups tell us slime campaigns, just like television shows, must have comic relief a bird pooping on somebody, or moaning and groaning coming from a haunted house. Everybody has a good laugh, the adversary is the goof ball, and the political message still gets across..

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“Coders rarely use this code for a vasectomy for voluntary

In addition to the basic black fetish wear, latex and rubber can be had in everything from adult diapers to swimwear to ball gowns. Right off, we learn a few ground rules about these clothes. For rubber, it is suggested that powder be applied for easing the clothes on.

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