Play Outside This Summer With the Bean-Bag Toss Game

157If you’ve never played the bean bag toss game – or what a lot of people call the corn-hole game – you’re really missing out on a lot of fun! This summer, why not start a family tradition of playing this game. It’s one of the great outdoor games, and it’s something that almost everyone can play. Young children, the elderly, and even disabled people can generally play this game. They will be tossing soft, lightweight bags at a target, and that’s something that most people can easily do. There are no sharp edges and nothing that could hurt someone, and there isn’t a bunch of running around, jumping, or other vigorous activity. Still, however, it’s much more exercise than sitting in the house and playing video games all day. It’s a good way to get children to move off of the couch and outdoors, and it helps to keep children occupied.

It can occupy the adults in the group, too, and there are many different times when the bean bag toss game can be played as one of the most popular and easiest of the outdoor games. For example, family reunions are a great time for the bean bag toss game. There are always a lot of people there, and they come in all ages and ability levels, but they can bond over the bean bag toss game and other outdoor games that are fun and easy to play. It gets people talking and laughing, and it provides more of a party atmosphere that might not otherwise be seen. Family reunions can have a tendency to get a little bit stale because people who see each other once a year or so and don’t know each other that well often feel forced to interact. When there are great outdoor games to play and the food is good and the weather is nice, things can be a lot more enjoyable.

Family reunions aren’t the only places to play these kinds of games, though. Cookouts and birthday parties and other backyard get-togethers are good excuses, too. Really, there is no bad excuse for playing the corn-hole game, because it’s fun at almost all times of the year as long as the weather is decent, and since so many people can play it without a problem it only makes sense that it would continue to be chosen over many other outdoor games for all kinds of parties and get-togethers.

When children and adults get together and play the bean bag toss game it doesn’t have to be for a special occasion. It can simply become a special occasion because everyone is together and doing fun things. It encourages exercise, laughter, a little bit of friendly competition, and some good time to bond. That’s something that a lot of families are lacking today, and there are easy ways to get that bonding time if parents are willing to look for those ways and work with them. Playing the bean bag toss game is a great way to encourage that closeness in a fun atmosphere.

ABC Outdoor Games For Mommy and Me

147There are some basic skills that every parent needs to teach their child. One of the most important is the alphabet and reading. It requires a great deal of patience and perseverance to teach a child how to recognize letters. Young children have short attention spans and they often come to hate learning because they associate it with sitting quietly for hours. As a teacher you will find it very difficult to teach anything to a child who has this attitude. The solution is to make learning fun by turning it into a game. When you explain learning in terms of fun and games kids will immediately become interested. If you consider the games that really excite children, most of them are outdoor games. There are few things that children love more than recess; they play outside with their friends in healthy competitions. If you are looking for a great and fun way to teach your kids their ABCs consider doing so with an outdoor game. Described below are some wonderful outdoor ABC games that will make learning fun for you and your children.

1. ABC Hopscotch. There is no reason to play an outside game unless it involves some sort of physical activity. Draw a large square on the pavement and fill it in with smaller squares. Draw chalk letters into the squares. You can do them in alphabetical order or a random order. Make the letters large so that the children can see them. Use different colors of chalk so that the finished product is a bright and fun checkerboard of letters. Call out certain letters and have the children jump on them.

2. ABC Hoops. If your child is athletic and likes basketball consider a fun sports game. If the child is particularly young you will need a small basketball hoop and stand. Shout out random letters and have your children shout the letter back to you. If they can pronounce the letter correctly they get to shoot a basket. Keep the game going quickly so that you can cover lots of letters. The quicker the game the more likely it will be for your child to have a great time. You could also shout out the name of a favorite superhero or animal. When the child can shout back the letter that begins the animal’s name they get to take a shot. This game becomes even livelier if you play some upbeat music while doing so.

3. ABC Lineup. If you have a group of children make cutout letters for all of them. Attach letters to each child’s shirts or clothing. It might be best to make necklaces out of them so that the children can change to a different letter. You don’t need all the letters of the alphabet but it would be best if you do. Play some music for about thirty seconds and challenge the kids to get into alphabetical order. A big part of learning about letters is learning their proper order. When the music ends all of the children need to be in the right order. If they are not in proper order then move them until they are. At some point you can change places with a child and they become the one to put everybody in the right order.

Outdoor Game Ideas For Your Kids

156Have you been thinking of ways to encourage your kids to take more exercise? It makes sense to do so – exercise at a young age can help them to stay fit and avoid health problems later in life. So how do you go about getting to spend more time exercising and less game playing on their video games?

In this article we take a look at some ideas for games that will help children to keep fit, while still having fun. It’s important to remember that convincing them of the joys of outdoor play is likely to be very reliant on your own attitude. If you’re willing to show them how much fun can be had, investing some of your time and maybe even a little money, then the results can be very rewarding.

Most kids to like outdoor games when they experience them. Here’s your chance to show them the way.

Let’s begin with an old classic – flying a kite. Flying a kite is an activity that many of us associate strongly with our childhoods. It’s an extremely fun way to spend time and is also good exercise. In fact, it’s something that children and adults can enjoy together.

The good news is that basic kites are also relatively cheap. There are more expensive versions available but these aren’t really necessary unless you want to look at more complex products. You’ll obviously also need some space – a local park might be perfect.

How about if you’d prefer something that your children could play in the garden? Have you considered a trampoline? You can start with mini trampolines and then build up in terms of size.

Once again, the important point to note here is that playing on a trampoline can be brilliant fun. The fact that it also helps your children to exercise is an added bonus. In terms of traditional toys and games, don’t overlook the impact that bikes can have too. They work plenty of muscle groups and are good for overall fitness.

Finally, how about outdoor sports? This doesn’t have to mean massive organised events – a simple game of rounders is something that you can enjoy with your kids. As you can see, by using a little creative thought you can soon come up with a large selection of games for your children to enjoy!

Fun Outdoor Games For Groups – Cornhole Is King

146Baseball, Whiffle Ball, Horseshoes, Badminton? Once upon a time these were the most fun outdoor games for groups until the intense game of Cornhole swept the nation.

Cornhole is now #1 on the list of the most played and most fun outdoor games for groups. No need to look hard. Cornhole rules on college campuses, at tailgate parties, fund raisers, and backyard tournaments. What could be better than to spend a weekend afternoon with family and friends, cooking burgers and hot dogs, playing in a wild Cornhole tournament?

Cornhole (bean bag toss, corn toss) is truly one of the most fun outdoor games for groups of all age ranges and skill levels. Very easy to learn but not so easy to master, Cornhole newbies and ringers alike compete heatedly to win.

If you are already a die-hard then there are more serious tournaments for Cornhole pros. They are highly competitive but fun to observe and learn technique. Amateur and “newbie” games are where you’ll practice, make mistakes, get better, and have a lot of laughs.

No local Cornhole scene in your area? Spread the word. Buy Cornhole, bring it to work! Indoors or outdoors, you’ll be sure to snatch up a few people as the base for your Cornhole tournaments. Grab yourself a personalized Cornhole set and invite a few people over for a few friendly games. Before you know it, it’s time to host your own tournament!

Stores carrying Cornhole sets are hard to find. Instead, most players purchase online from independent dealers. Dealers are always happy to make your board a true original. Having the most unusual or artistic Cornhole board generates as much competition amongst players as the game itself.

Online dealers normally have secure payment practices and design options to suit every Cornhole fanatic are always available. Other fun outdoor games for groups such as Ladder Ball, Washer Toss, and Baggo are usually available.

Fun Holiday Garden Games for Kids

155The holidays are upon us so the children are home and need lots of attention. If you are not going away for the holiday, staying at home is not such a bad idea after all. There are great outdoor games and fun stuff to do for the kids whether you have a small of huge garden. With so many weeks stretching ahead, without having to spend any money, make sure they are having lots of fun at home.

Make sure they have fun and they are well entertained by organising new things to do every day to avoid them from getting bored. Keep them out of trouble and safe by letting them play in the garden on a smooth surface of a paved area or on the grass. Outdoor activities can be great fun for the whole family if it’s done together.

There are bound to be cloudy and rainy days amongst the sunny summer days therefore spending a fun day indoors can also be lots of fun. You could read a book or get a colouring book to colour in the pictures while you are indoors. Consider getting craft materials together to create different types of crafts such as craft toys and ornaments.

You could also make puppets and have an outdoor puppet play in the garden. Make a cardboard stage for the puppets where you can puppeteer behind the stage.

Make sure you have loads of ideas for games and lots of other fun stuff to do.

Kids get easily bored indoors, so if you have a big entertainment area, use that space to make it more fun. Interlock floor tiles are the best to install in kids play areas as it is safe and clean especially in the garden. When it’s not so hot outside let them help you in the garden either to plant some vegetables or to play in the mud for fun.

Always do something they like and that they will be actively involved with or else it won’t be any fun for them. Do something fun in the kitchen for lunch such as letting them play around and make their own food or snacks. Make sure they have good and healthy goodies to eat and snack on.

Remember to let them take regular breaks to eat, sleep and just relax. If they are running around a lot they should drink lots of water. Slipping and falling on rough edges or surfaces can be bad for the kids as they can hurt themselves. Make sure that all play areas are safe for them to play on and easy to access.

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